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Snowwolf Vfeng 230w kit

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    Simonov    0
    Hi Ecigtalk members, I would like to thank David from Urvapin for supplying the Snowwolf Vfeng 230w kit free of charge for the purpose of this review. Looking forward to reviewing this Kit by Sigelei.

    Buy Authentic SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit Online - Urvapin

    In the Box


    1 * SnowWolf Vfeng Mod(no battery cell)
    1 * SnowWolf Vfeng Atomizer
    1 * Glass Tube
    1 * RBA Coil
    1 * USB Cable
    1 * Manual and Warranty Card
    1 * Preinstalled 0.2 (75w - 95w) coil
    1* Allen Key
    1* Square of Cotton
    2* Prewound Coils
    Spare O-rings


    Getting an RBA coil head was a great bonus for me.


    I love the look of this device, very futuristic and robotic. I recieved the yellow; which the more i look at it the more thoughts of the Transformer Bumblebee enters into my head.
    The indented (for protection) large colour screen with 2 user interfaces carry on the futuristic theme with excellent graphic display and very nice clock. I also like the large fire button with Snowwolf logo. The device is very well built and the coating shouldn't peel off. Not sure if it's electroplated but it's a nice permanent finish.
    The casing is entirely made of metal with the word "SNOWWOLF" cut out of the back of the mod which lights up in a choice of 9 colours when in use.
    The supplied tank compliments the device well with what i can only describe as a nuts and bolts design with plenty of edges.



    Main material:Zinc alloy+SS
    Display:1.30〞TFT color screen
    Wattage range:10W-230W
    Temperature range:100℃-300℃/200℉-570℉
    Voltage input:6.4V-8.4V
    Voltage output:1.0V-7.5V
    Max output current:40A
    Battery support: 2*18650
    Resistance range:0.05Ω-3.0Ω
    Coil supporting:Kanthal/Titanium/Ni200/SS(304/316/317)/TCR
    Charging support (USB):DC 5V/2.5A
    Support USB charging
    9 Colour LED
    Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow


    Using the Kit

    The batteries are inserted via the bottom of the device with the negative and positive clearly marked, also the inner of the battery slots have a non metallic coating for protection against shorts. The battery doors fastens securely into place with ease.
    The tank fills via a top-fill system which is a case of just unscrewing the top cap revealing the fill slots. The nut shaped top cap and airflow ring help with grip as well as aesthetically fitting in with the design.
    The graphics and menu system is a big winner, so simple to use yet plenty on there to play with to keep you occupied if you are bored. I can't make my mind up which of the two interfaces i prefer both are very pleasing to the eye.



    Not being an expert on temperature control i am reviewing the device entirely in wattage mode as there are mixed views about the temperature control and i am not qualified to give an expert opinion.
    I tried the device with various tanks and various wattages and found the Snowwolf Vfeng to be an excellent device and very reliable, i also noticed how cool the device kept. The 510 pin is very well done and anyone who says this doesn't hold up to 30mm tanks are really just splitting hairs as they fit on both sides and front with a very minor (almost not noticeable) overhang on the back. Despite there being a lot of edges due to the design, i found it comfortable to hold; possibly helped by being a thumb firer. The device will do between 190w - 200w which is as much as you get with any of the devices to my knowledge claiming to be 200w and a few.
    The supplied Tank performed well i personally found the 0.2 pre-installed coil just right at 80w. The flavor was good and wicked with ease. There was plenty of airflow and the cloud production was what you would expect from the wattage. The supplied RBA coil head is a big bonus and it is big enough to build without too much difficulty, i also suffered no leaking from the tank.



    A very well built and cool looking device, the graphical display on either user interfaces are very pleasing to the eye and the lighting up of the word "SNOWWOLF" in my opinion looks great. I can't fault the performance of this device in wattage mode and i have really enjoyed using it.



    Great build quality
    Great futuristic design
    Very nice 510
    Large, bright colour screen
    2 user interfaces
    Easy to use menu
    Snowwolf lighting up
    Excellent performance
    Can fit up to 30mm tanks


    For those who intend to use this device in Temperature control you need to look for more information whether any problems have been sorted for the retail version. My friend uses solely temperature control but he is on holiday at the moment, but i know there are video reviews on this device which cover temperature control.

    I would like to thank David from Urvapin once again for supplying the kit and you can find the kit here.

    Buy Authentic SnowWolf Vfeng 230W Starter Kit Online - Urvapin

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