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<Smok New Edition> SMOK Majesty Kit Luxe Edition More Choices!

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Hey there,
Do you like Smok products? You can find all kinds of Smok items on efun,kit, mod or tanks? And I would like to ask you do you remember SMOK Majesty Kit, it is in stock on our site!
And now,let me introduce the new edition to you, I'm sure you will like it, because it is so gorgeous!

SMOK Majesty Kit Luxe-------$72.19 after using 5% off coupon code:NP5D
SMOK Majesty Kit Luxe Edition, an amazing kit deserving the name of masterpiece. It has ritzy, glossy appearance, every detail of the mod is telling you what exquisite means. It can reach a maximum output of 225W, with which you can enjoy massive vapor; and it has high-definition user interface, which can offer you comprehensive vaping data. Moreover, the ergonomically designed fire key can provide you with easy operations.


Please check to learn more about it>>

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